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Our Educational Program:

Freddy Tree Theatre was created to teach people that individuals with developmental disabilities are more abled than people assume. Often people make assumptions or prejudge these individuals of what they’re capable of and we would like to change that. Through performance we can demonstrate the beauty in which those living with intellectual delays hold. Our goal is to be performing for elementary schools by September, 2017. Too many youth are not educated enough on developmental disabilities. Often the children living with intellectual delays are separated from the other classmates. This sometimes leads to being bullied because others don’t necessarily understand what the individuals with special needs are faced with. They might be scared of the unknown. We would like to change this level of knowledge and acceptance. If we are able to perform to students in a theatrical, creative, and fun way, it will help engage the students to want to learn more about people with intellectual disabilities. We can then put a stop to bullying, separating, and not accepting differences. A lot of times children just want to fit in. They don’t like being different. Freddy Tree can help show youth that everyone is different and that is what makes them wonderful. That individuals with intellectual disabilities want to be loved and accepted and appreciated just like everyone else.

Our first public performance was on July 29th at 2pm and 7pm at the RED Sandcastle Theatre, and we had a fantastic turn out with our matinee performance SOLD OUT. We couldn’t be more proud of ourselves and all our accomplishments already. In the midst of prep for the show we formed a gofundme page to help raise money for the show and our program! We hope to continue this journey of performing for youth in Elementary Schools in Toronto, but we could always use funding. If you would like to donate and learn more click on the link below and help support our dreams!